altaltThe Rusa deer (Cervus timorensis) is considered one of the most important deer species in West Papua, Indonesia. It is a source of food and livelihood for the community with its antlers and skin for cialis 20mg online leather marketed for art decor. Traditional hunting of Rusa

deer is a common practice in the uplands of Kebar, but modern hunting techniques together with the continuous degradation of the forest habitats have contributed to the declining deer population in the area. As a consequence, this deer species is now considered highly vulnerable.


Executive Forum on the New ASEAN Agriculture Landscape


A two-day forum that aims to build a community of ASEAN leaders in agriculture who are empowered with knowledge on key contemporary issues in agriculture and food security, with a focus on new knowledge, high impact technologies and innovative approaches, so that the challenges arising from a dynamic agri-food landscape may be met.

Limited support is also available to qualified SEARCA Alumni. Interested graduate alumni must submit their letter of intent - indicating their current work and relevance of this learning event to their career development - addressed to Dr. Editha C. Cedicol, Program Head, Graduate Scholarship at searca_grad_alumni@agri.searca.orgby
27 March 2013.

Intended Participants

  • Senior leaders in national agriculture, fisheries, and rural development agencies, such as Heads of Departments, with responsibility to advise the Minister or equivalent government authority on matters related to agriculture, food security, and sustainable development
  • Officials in related government agencies, with responsibility for aspects of food security
  • Leaders from private sector entities, statutory bodies, and civil society organizations
  • Staff from international and regional bodies located in ASEAN (to be considered on merit basis)

Date and Venue

9-10 May 2013

SEARCA, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines

Forum brochure


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altDr. Judith Borja, SEARCA Alumna, was appointed by the Board of Trustees of the the University of San Carlos Office of Population Studies Foundation, Inc. (OPS) as its new director starting 28 January 2013. Prior to her new position, she was OPS’ Deputy Director. The University of San Carlos located in Cebu City, situated in Central Visayas, Philippines.

Dr. Borja has been working with the OPS for 28 years. Her research expertise spans health and nutrition issues throughout the life course, with special focus on mothers, infants, and children. She has been recognized for her research initiatives and involvement, which included the Philippine Association of Nutrition Research Fellow Award, the USC Outstanding Alumni and Semper Fidelis Awardee for Scientia.