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9877 10 Outstanding Filipino Scientists. scientists mango electrical engineering sea snail venom herbal medicine tilapia plant biotechnology communications education drugs

Lee-Chua, Queena N.


10489 101 Best ways to land a job in troubled times. resume fear emotional channeling techniques career goals self-marketing tools

Block, Jay A.


10055 151 quick ideas to recognize and reward employees. incentives in industry incentive awards recognition rewards employees

Lloyd, Ken


10336 1998-1999 World resources: A guide to global environment. environmental change human health global environment trends economic indicators population development human development food production agriculture forests land cover health water urban indicators biodiversity atmosphere climate energy

World Resources Institute; United Nations Environment Programme; United Nations Development Programme; World Bank


9881 2002 Census of agriculture - Philippines. farm area land use irrigation poultry raising livestock raising agriculture farm equipment agricultural operators permanent crops temporary crops purch

10529 2009 Foreign trade statistics of the Philippines: Volume 1 - Imports. foreign trade exports live animals meat fish vegetables fruits sugar cocoa pharmaceutical products tobacco beverages mineral fuels plastics rubber wood cotton copper footwear silk fabrics pearls ceramic products purch

10530 2009 Foreign trade statistics of the Philippines: Volume II - Exports. foreign trade imports live animals meat fish vegetables fruits sugar cocoa pharmaceutical products fertilizers dyes essential oils soap plastics rubber wood cotton fabrics footwear silk copper ceramic products umbrellas iron pearls purch

10497 2010 Revenue regulations and selected revenue memorandum circulars. income tax taxes senior citizens tax returns internal revenue value-added tax documentary stamp purch

10496 2011 Revenue regulations. income tax money remittances Overseas Filipino Workers revenue regulation international carriers leasing residential lot personal equity retirement goods and services purch

10540 2012 Revenue regulations. sales and purchases tax administration petroleum and petroleum products lease gold metallic minerals construction projects vehicles VAT residential lots

Bureau of Internal Revenue