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9476 "Democracy Works!" The Presidency of Fidel Valdez Ramos. Fidel Valdez Ramos president state of the nation address inaugural speeches cd

8443 "Eugene"goes to work for the city of pines: The vermicomposting initiative of Baguio City. pines, vermicomposting, fertilizer,

Guerrero, Rafael D.


4098 "Palayamanan" to show how farmers can increase income. income, farmers, gabi, duck raising, vegetables, serials

6323 "Pangga": The darling fish of Mindanao. fish, Cream Dory, Pangasius hypothalmus, pond-cultured,

Guerrero III, Rafael D.


11076 "Risk communication" : tools to help in getting biotechnology accepted. tools to help in getting biotechnology accepted. biotechnology genetically modified foods : GMF food safety transgenic crops biotech

8385 "STANDZ". animal, salmonella, poultry,

Sison, Jaime, A.


9002 "Superfood" and farms in Calabarzon. brassicas, cabbages, mustards, cauliflower, cole crops, crucifers,

Rodriguez, Tony A.


5704 "Tipping Point" concept of pig disease. pigs, animals diseases,

Landicho, Elito Ferry


6221 "Walking the pens": An educational guide to individual pig care (Part 1). pigs, barn preparation, feeding, disease control, disinfection,

Sison, Jaime Abella


2740 "We are living with worry all the time" - A participatory poverty assessment of the Tonle Sap. poverty assessment gender natural resource management livelihood migration rural credit poverty reduction forest resources

Ballard, Brett M.; Sloth, Christian; Wharton, David; FitzGerald, Ingrid; Murshid, K.A.S.; Hansen, Kasper K.; Runsinarith, Phim