List of Cds : 383

ID Title Subtitle Subject Author Tags
9476 "Democracy Works!" The Presidency of Fidel Valdez Ramos. Fidel Valdez Ramos president state of the nation address inaugural speeches cd

9688 1st National Conference on Climate Change Adaptation : A2C2. climate change, global warming, biological system, climate hazards, cd

9728 1st SEAMEO Education Congress. cd

9719 2002 Census of Agriculture Philippines. farms, farm area, land, irrigation, crops, cd

9827 2002 Census of Agriculture Volume 1. farms, farm area, crop, irrigation, livestock raising, cd

9720 2002 Census of Fisheries Philippines : Volume 1 Final Report. Volume 1 Final Report. fishing, municipal fishing, commercial fishing, aquafarm, aquafarm operation, cd

9729 2011 SEAFDEC/AQD Highlights. cd

9528 26th Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. cd

9498 3rd International Conference on Agriculture Education and Environment and APEAEN 10th Anniversary. agriculture, education, environment, APEAEN, climate change, health, green productivity, technology sharing, cd

9730 4th National Conference in Human Ecology. human ecology, sustainable communities, environmental governance, cd