Climate change and climate variability are among the top issues facing governments today. They pose real threats to the environment, to food production and to human systems specifically agricultural production, biodiversity, and health, among others (IPCC, 2007). Extreme climatic events, such as frequent and strong typhoons, prolonged wet and dry seasons, and increased incidence of disease outbreaks affect the sustainability of agricultural production systems, leading to food and livelihood shortages.

Growing evidence of climate change around the world and in Southeast Asia in particular leave all sectors with no choice but to act to ensure sustainability of lifelines that include
natural systems and food resources, rural livelihoods, and human resources. The Southeast Asian region is therefore challenged to increase its capacities and expertise to attain the set objectives of the Millennium Development Goals.

However, much of research on climate change is conducted in fragmentary fashion in different countries by discipline and sector. This leaves much opportunity for developing
multisectoral/ multidisciplinary approaches. It is in this regard that the conference aims to provide a venue for promoting integrative partnerships toward convergence of ideas for holistic solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change on the region's food, environmental, nutritional and health security.